Study in the UK

Studying in the UK gives you the great opportunity to develop your English and acquire the skills you will need while climbing the steps of your dream career. If you wish to become a part of the global workforce, ESBM will support your career by teaching English with creative and interactive methods.

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ESBM Summer School

Take a step in your career and experience unforgettable moments with 13 weeks intensive or General Language Course in Leicester, one of England’s oldest cities. During your time at ESBM, make your English impressive, visit various parts of England and see the vast array of cultural experiences on offer.

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Today it is undisputed that English is the common communication language, especially in the academic world. IELTS is a must for an individual who targets an international academic career. ESBM helps you to prepare for IELTS Academic with practical strategies that have been determined by experts.

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The best way to comprehend a language

The best way to comprehend a language is, to learn it in the country where the target language is spoken. One aspect of this is that idioms exist in every language. They are words or phrases that are not taken literally but they refer to something else. With ESBM, you are going to obtain linguistic subtleties while experiencing local English.

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xenoglossophobia (foreign language anxiety)

ESBM is aware of the fear of xenoglossophobia (foreign language anxiety) in the learning process. Qualified and friendly teachers will help you to overcome this fear by guiding you in the correct way; talking to you in the direction of your indications and to give  feedback through your learning journey.

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ESBM offers a wide range of English courses

ESBM offers a wide range of English language courses from beginning to advanced level. As ESBM, We support all students to use English language skills in many different environments regardless of their background.

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ESBM Educational Functions

ESBM have three different educational functions:
1- English language courses according to all types of needs

2- Level 3 – 4 – 5 Business & Management Courses and online education on the basis of ATHE, which have direct articulation arrangements with several Universities that give full recognition for entry.

3- Level 6 and 7 online education for postgraduate MBA entry and MBA advanced entry. Level 6 diploma will allow students entry into postgraduate management courses. With Level 7, Many Universities will accept 120 credits as advanced entry onto an MBA top up.

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Globally recognized educational institution

ESBM is a globally recognized educational institution. We work with “Awarding Bodies” to ensure high standards of education to our students. Our courses have been externally Accredited by Edexcel and City & Guilds.

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We, at ESBM, currently teach

We, at ESBM, currently teach:

General English Language – For everyday life in the UK.

Academic English Language – For students preparing to pursue further education in the UK.

IELTS Preparation – Intensive IELTS training for University admission requirements.


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