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ESBM 4/5 Level online training program

Wherever you are in the world, you have the chance to study at English Educational Institution. ESBM offers 4/5 level online training officially equivalent to first and second year of undergraduate education. If you complete the program, you will be able to study final year of an undergraduate program at English University with a full recognition.

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Beauty expertise is one of the trendiest professions in the world

Beauty expertise is one of the trendiest professions in the world. ESBM offers training courses which are accredited by the GUILD. Diploma courses from 50 £.  Program offers a wide range of course topics such as makeup, manicure, waxing, marketing, retailing and more..

For further information: contact us on 01164296607 /

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Top-up System in England

Get a diploma from the UK universities in a short period of time. Many UK Universities support to complete your studies via top-up system. Undergraduate study in England lasts in 3 years. All you need to do is; complete your first two years of study online at ESBM  then study your  final year  at university.  ESBM provides training to enable you to graduate from world’s best universities in a short period of time. This system is also available for MBA.

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The MBA is no longer a difficult task!

The MBA is no longer a difficult task! You can get a chance to do MBA at UK universities by saving time and money.  ESBM offers Level 7 “Strategic Management” and “Management & Leadership” online programs. After receiving your Level 7 Diploma, you are eligible to apply for an MBA Top Up course, either online or on campus.

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Learn, enjoy and discover!

Learn, enjoy and discover! Leicester has beautiful and relaxing parks that are part of British heritage. At Abbey Park, you can practice your favorite sport, meet people of different cultures or read a book and enjoy the natural beauty outside of class hours.

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More than a traditional school

As East Midlands School of Business and Management (ESBM), we are more than a traditional school. ESBM considers business world as a whole. Alongside globally recognized qualification in language teaching, ESBM also has Business Management Level 3 Courses, based on ATHE which has direct articulation arrangements with several Universities that give full recognition for entry. It will allow you to apply BA Degree programme from a range of UK universities.

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Study in the UK

Studying in the UK gives you the great opportunity to develop your English and acquire the skills you will need while climbing the steps of your dream career. If you wish to become a part of the global workforce, ESBM will support your career by teaching English with creative and interactive methods.

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ESBM Summer School

Take a step in your career and experience unforgettable moments with 13 weeks intensive or General Language Course in Leicester, one of England’s oldest cities. During your time at ESBM, make your English impressive, visit various parts of England and see the vast array of cultural experiences on offer.

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Today it is undisputed that English is the common communication language, especially in the academic world. IELTS is a must for an individual who targets an international academic career. ESBM helps you to prepare for IELTS Academic with practical strategies that have been determined by experts.

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